Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Cuckoo Kids

The kids wanted to put on a play last night. The first half went well then Mirek knocked the camera out of my hands and cut the video short. Here is the second half of the play when things went awry.

And today spelling lessons were cut short to play in the rain!

Say NO to school!!!! Say YES to life!!!!

Saturday, September 13, 2014

A Nature Walk, Tortillas, and Sewing

We only met three days this week. Mirek was not feeling well on Monday and Lynni went out of town on Friday. However, we managed to get plenty accomplished.

On Tuesday, we went to the arboretum. It was Lynni's first time to visit.

It was hot.

 There were tons of love bugs.

 Cooling off.

 Lunch at the park.

 On Wednesday Lynni's mom taught all of the kids how to make flour tortillas.

 I helped the girls sew a pillow.

I'm at home now on a Saturday night all alone! I had to mention that. It's so weird. My husband took the kids to a birthday party and I went to clean my sister's house. I am done and they are still partying into the night! I had to wake up at 4:00 AM this morning to get Eaden ready for her gymnastics meet in Galveston. It was at a convention center and we nearly froze to death. It was torture. She did not do well and told me it was because her muscles were frozen. I was a little surprised that she was not more upset with her performance. She did very well at her meet last week and her expectations were high. However, all she said was "mom, did I do bad on bars?" I told her it wasn't her best but that I'm sure she will do better next time. Then I told her she got an 8.8 on floor and she said "WHAT!!! But I did good!" She had previously not scored below a 9.3. I said "yeah well your muscles were frozen and thank goodness gymnastics is not very important in the grand scheme of life." This is so important to remember when all around us people take the sport so seriously.

Monday, September 8, 2014

First Week of Homeschool

This week was the first week having Lynni over to homeschool with us. We started the Tuesday after Labor Day.

The early mornings are spent in circle time. All of the kids have folders where we write the date, track the weather, and do a little daily math. We also work on poem memorization.

After circle time, Eaden and Lynni do spelling, cursive, math, phonics, and reading.

 After lunch we do either science, history/geography, or kitchen and art.
Tuesday is a science day and we went on a nature walk.

Wednesday we baked cookies. They did all of the measuring and mixing themselves.

 We also did an art project. We put some blue paint in a spray bottle to make the rain. I think it rained every day this week and so this was a fitting project.

 The poem to memorize for the week was Hey Diddle, Diddle. Here are Eaden and Naia's pictures.

Reciting the poem.

Working on math facts is a lot more fun with a friend!

 Naia building a double decker couch.

 Thursday is a history/geography day. We read about the ancient Maya, watched a few youtube videos, and made salt dough maps of the region where the Maya lived/live.

 I got Lynni involved in the housekeeping.

 Both girls were VERY excited to get all of their words right on the first spelling test.

 Lessons in chicken keeping.

 They locked themselves in the coop on accident and I told them they had to stay there for a while.

 Experimenting with magnets.

 Taven really liked moving his toy car around with the magnets. Very cool.

It was a great week. Everything ran smoothly and all of the kids got along very well. Obviously we need more of a schedule now that we have Lynni here during a certain portion of the day, but I think we will still have room for creativity and spontaneity.