Monday, November 17, 2014

Saturday and Memories

Lately I have been thinking about how to spend the holidays. I LOVE this time of year and want to spend every day immersed in the holiday spirit. However, I will talk about this more in a future post. Thinking about making memories led me to read some of my old journals and I wanted to share some of what I wrote here. I think my parents will get a kick out of reading it. I left out the more serious and inappropriate stuff lol. Still excuse some of the language. I was anywhere from 17 to maybe 22 years old.

First of all, here are some pictures from Saturday. Naia had her end of season softball tournament and we visited with my mom. The weather has been cold!

Ade had to work on Saturday, but I still got all of the kids out to the field by 8:00 am! I thought about skipping a few times.

 Naia was very excited to get her very own medal after seeing Eaden get so many in gymnastics.

 Naia's team lost the first two games in their tournament (yes!) so we went to visit Grandma.

The kids found a frog smushed under a log.

 They collected grubs, worms, and slugs.

 Played nerf gun war.

Mirek is attempting to walk on the "bridge."

 This picture is from today, but I'm unloading the camera so here it is. In the 30's!

 And a few excerpts from my journals.

I was going to try to put them in order, but it is proving too time consuming.

This is from a journal I kept while visiting Banff in Alberta. I went there for a hockey camp when I was 17.

This is from my countdown to Alaska journal. I was about to move to Alaska without ever having been there before. I thought this was funny because of what I wrote about my mom.

In Alaska.

9-11 happened while I was living in Alaska.

After moving back to Texas, I saved up to take a backpacking trip in Denali.

This next part is for my mom. Sorry it is a little blurry.

This is from when I went camping at Big Bend by myself.

Here is a bit from my journal when I was working at the cannery in Homer. I was staying with a friend and working crazy hours. Pretty much from 6am until whenever we got off. Lots of overtime and a ton of entertaining characters!

Keep diaries! They are so fun to read later on.

Friday, November 14, 2014

Impromptu Science

I was very happy this morning when the kids eagerly chose to read/browse their new library books.

 Taven wanted Eaden to be his "teacher" and when I tried to help he told me "no! You are not my teacher!" Okay. Fine. Eaden is quite capable anyway.

 We had not planned on doing any science today, but as homeschool here often goes, the kids found a dead gecko outside and investigations ensued.

 Boys looking for snails.

 Eaden outside reading her Geronimo Stilton comic book. Susan Wise Bauer (classical homeschooling guru who I very much respect) warns against letting kids read comic books. However, I am pretty sure that Eaden will live, and learn, and thrive, despite them.

 Inside learning about lizards (geckos to be specific).

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Library Rules

We have not been able to go to the library lately because our fines have exceeded the limit. I had $55 on my card and $35 on Eaden's card. Since fines do not simply disappear, I finally brought myself to pay $40 on my card.

Our problem is that we always have the max amount of books out on my card (75) and more out on Eaden's card. Then, when 75 items are even one day late, it adds up. Plus, if you have a certain amount overdue, none can be renewed. Ugghhh.

So I established some rules today.

The three oldest kids choose 10 items each and then they are responsible for what they choose. If an item is lost or late, they pay the fine.

We will go to the library either every Thursday or every other Thursday. If a book (biography, for example) is returned, then a new book (biography) can be checked out. I haven't figured out how I want to handle holds yet. I guess I will allow myself 15 homeschool related holds and I will be responsible for those (sigh).

Otherwise, I allow myself to check out two items (one fiction and one nonfiction) and then I check out five books for Mirek.

We still have 37 items out (plus any holds), but this is surely better than 100 right?

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Photo dump

This post is pretty much a photo dump.

What our science study sometimes looks like. Eaden will simply read and then write what was most interesting to her from the reading.

 At other times science might be a bit more interesting.

Grammar study.

 Brothers playing.


 A typical view from my kitchen window.

 I cleaned the window after taking this next picture.

 Naia had her end of season softball party at Sweet and Sassy.

 Spelling rules. Super exciting.


Eaden is learning about the Jewish people and reading stories from the Bible. The Old Testament is not presented as complete historical fact, but is still important when attempting to understand the ancient Israelites.

 Joseph's coat of many colors.

Keeping Mirek occupied.

What Eaden does while waiting to go to gymnastics practice.