Monday, July 21, 2014


We are participating in two nature scavenger hunts this week. One with Imagination Station and one with my own group, Rainbow Warriors. The theme for our Imagination Station hunt is "colors." I really love this theme, and so far, it has been a lot of fun. Here is what we found today.

Brown. Mating Walking Sticks. The female is much larger!

 Pinkish? Purplish?


 A Gulf Fritillary. Beautiful colors all around.

 This next plant with the red flower is called a Turk's Cap.

 A Green Heron. Not too green huh?



 Pink for sure.

 Browns and grays.

 Feeling the smoothness of a Crape Myrtle.

We will continue our search for more colors later in the week.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Our week at the pond(s)

We have been participating in a Family Nature Scavenger Hunt this Summer (see Imagination Station) and the theme for this week is ponds.

The weather, in my opinion, has been quite cool this summer (lower 90's mostly). The only walk that might have been a little uncomfortably hot was on Monday and we went swimming immediately after.


One item on our scavenger hunt was a dragonfly or damselfly. We found many.

Female Halloween Pennant

Another item on our hunt was a canoe on a pond. Check!

Male Eastern Pondhawk

Turtles were on the list. Red-eared Sliders. Check!

An interesting pond plant. Yellow Pond Lily. Pretty darn interesting. Check!

Male Four-Spotted Pennant


A different pond.

A Great Egret and Nutria.

This picture shows an interesting pond plant that I noticed at a different pond later in the week. While looking back at my photos I noticed it here. It is called a Buttonbush! Scroll down for a better picture.

Ducks were also on our scavenger hunt list. These are Black-Bellied Whistling Ducks with their ducklings.

More turtles.


Here is the Buttonbush! An awesome bloom!

We have recently dubbed ourselves the Rainbow Warriors and a friend of mine and I intend on growing our little group and truly making an impact.

 Here is my daughter, Naia, picking up trash.

 A damselfly.

Taven bringing me a flower.

Making a wish (wishes) for birthdays everyday, flowers everywhere, bluer skies, and a real life unicorn.

We checked frog off our list.


My husband came along for the walk.

My family (well husband and kids lol) are really into exercising. Push ups, sit ups, that sort of thing. Here they are working out.

Then a hand stand contest.

We went to the pond THURSDAY but it was pouring down rain so I did not take my camera.


Back to the pond with Nutria so we could clean it up. We forgot our garbage bag on our previous visit and it was definitely needed.

 The kids brought along their colored pencils and nature journals.

 We tested the pH of the water.

 Tricked this poor squirrel into thinking we had food.

 Picking up trash. We need to make some sort of long stick with a claw to get trash out of our reach.

 The bonus for the scavenger hunt this week was to make a boat out of natural materials and float it on the pond. Our boat was more like a bundle of sticks, but it was the best Taven and I could do with Mirek constantly trying to walk out into the middle of the pond.

 After all of our Rainbow Warrior explorations we put our hands together and scream "1...2...3...RAINBOW WARRIORS!!!!"