Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Dirty Ponds

Although we did test the pH of this water a few months back (see link) and it was fine, the pond is quite gross. It is near soccer fields and I guess their trash blows everywhere. Also, people bring bread to feed the ducks and nutria (let's all feed the invasive species!) and then leave the bread bags on the ground. Ugggh! The kids picked up trash but something needs to be done about the scum on top of the water near the shore...

 Taven really wanted to touch the turtle in this next pic. He didn't.

 Checking out a dead fish. I think I might make this little pond a future Rainbow Warriors deep clean-up project. I think we could do some more water quality tests and definitely clean it up more. I attended a Project Wild training through Texas Parks and Wildlife a few years back when I was working for the library. I still have the resources and I think they could be of great use in our effort.

 Mirek waiting for help.

 Naia to the rescue!

 Fun at the park.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Turtle Whispering at the Nature Sanctuary

 The weather is perfect today. We stopped by the nature sanctuary this morning on our way to visit Grandma.

We went in search of turtles and were pleasantly surprised with a common Broad Banded Water Snake.

 We found our turtles easily too.

 This one is TROUBLE.

 The kids searched for "treasure" aka vines to climb.

 Taven smelling flowers. He said "this one smells beautiful but this smells like nothing."

 A little Cottontail on our way out.

So glad it is fall and we can truly enjoy ourselves outdoors. Camping this next weekend!

Friday, October 17, 2014

A Typical Day

We had a pretty typical day today.

We usually start with folders where the kids write the day and track the weather. They also put a sticker on a chart for each day we meet. We used to do daily math but it got too repetitive.

Sometimes we skip folders and work on writing/memorizing poems or do some other activity.

Today I added a little creative writing. I thought it was very clever for the girls to connect their stories. This activity came with some pre-writing as well (not shown).

 Writing = hunger.

 On Fridays, the girls always want to do spelling first because it is test day. So exciting right?

 On other days we do math first because it takes the longest.

 Friday is a science day so we learned about turtles.

 Phonics and reading were last today. We did a couple of phonics lessons and then reading. The girls are making their way through Robinson Crusoe.

Today we homeschooled from about 9:30 am to 2:00 pm. There are long breaks in between each subject. Lately, during "free time," the kids play with walkie talkies or play hide and seek. There is always music and dancing as well.

In other news, Naia has started reading! She was never interested in reading much so I was pretty surprised. I was resting on my bed reading Game of Thrones one night last week (rare moment) when Naia walked in and asked to "do reading." We completed a little of her Horizons workbook and the reading just clicked. Then she picked up a Bob Book and read it too! This is one of the most awesome aspects of homeschooling. Waiting until a kid is ready and then watching everything just come together is the best. Amazing!

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Leaf owls, fall creatures, and a mailing frenzy

We collected some leaves on a short walk yesterday and made leaf owls. They were really cute!

 We often set dvd's on the mantle and it is always nice to be surprised with a rainbow.

 Here are some of the little fall creatures the kids made.

 This morning we sent a package off to our cousin Abby.

While everyone was upstairs Mirek decided to stay down. TROUBLE. Here is the picture I took of him from the balcony. He was pouring sugar and coffee into a measuring cup.